a coalition of disabled and non-disabled individuals/organisations committed to gender and sexual rights from across Africa.


We are a collective of individuals and organisations in Africa, responding as and when members propose initiatives, or request support e.g. on campaigns, training, legal advocacy, shared knowledge, funding. We serves as a resource, with website and members acting to hold and share ideas, skills, knowledge on wide-ranging aspects of disability and sexuality. We aim to share resources not only of knowledge and skills but of time and energy, to support the struggle by PwD, especially women and girls with disabilities, to acquire sexual and gender rights.



Lilongwe Malawi

Mangochi Workshop on CDSRA


To strengthen respect for the gender and sexual rights of people with disabilities, build acknowledgment and acceptance of their sexuality and enhance the SRH care they receive, though building a coalition of PwD, Queer people and those people committed to challenging gender, sexual and disability prejudice.

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We are a coalition of disabled, non-disabled individuals and organisations living/working in Africa committed to the gender and sexual rights, as well as the social/sexual inclusion/access of PwD. We are working towards a society that respects difference, celebrates diversity and challenges prejudice and discrimination, specifically on the grounds of disability, gender and sexuality, whilst working towards access for all.

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