The Coalition functions in a participatory and non-hierarchical manner, respecting the right of all members – PwD and non-disabled people – to contribute, to share decision making, and to build joint access to knowledge and skills.


The coalition aims to encourage membership from those living/working in the African continent, in particular:

  • People with Disabilities and disability led organisations with an interest in gender and sexual rights, SRHR and sexuality for PwD.
  • Organisations/individuals working towards gender, sexual rights and sexual and reproductive health who are interested/committed to extending their work to include PwD.
  • LGBTI and Queer people who are interested in or committed to addressing the similarities in discrimination faced by PwD.


  • Commitment to disability/gender and sexuality rights and Respect for differences
  • Social inclusiveness - Non-discrimination, Embrace diversity and Acceptance of difference
  • Accessibility (radical)
  • Joint Ownership - collective decision-making
  • Participatory: Function by Sharing information, knowledge and work
  • No to extreme/conservative religious groups and organisations
  • No to funding from conservative/discriminatory organisations
  • Work through a Web presence/Social Media and in the flesh!